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          Vintage Clothes Catalog - Skirts

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Vintage Skirt

Lined black sheer material with multi-colored stripes. Elastic waistline. Waist measures approx. 28" Length at longest point is 31". 100% polyester.

Cat.No: SK117        Price:   $20.00

Vintage Skirt

Lined sheer black material with blue flowers and blue glitter. Elastic waistband. Waist measures approx. 22" length at longest point is 28". 100% polyester.

Cat.No: SK113        Price:   $20.00

Vintage Skirt

Black with pink flowers. Zipper on the side. Waist measures approx. 31" length is 21". 100% Rayon. Size .

Cat.No: SK115        Price:   $20.00

Vintage Skirt

Pink plaid stretch material with gold thread running through it. Zipper in the back. Waist measures approx. 29" length is 21 ½". No fabric content available.

Cat.No: SK119        Price:   $15.00

Vintage Skirt

Black cotton with pink flowers. It's a wrap around skirt that buttons on the front of the waist band. Waist measures approx. 28" length is 27 ¾". 100% Rayon.

Cat.No: SK121        Price:   $20.00

Vintage Skirt

Knit stretch material with beige and tan flowers. Tan lace lines the bottom. Elastic waistband. Waist measures approx. 26" length is 20 ½". 100%Polyester.

Cat.No: SK111        Price:   $15.00

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