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Vintage Top

Stretch Knit orange flame design with long sleeves. 100% Nylon. Size: small. Label: XOXO JEANS

Cat.No: BL110        Price:   $15.00

Vintage Blouse

Stretch knit with multi colored diagonal stripes. Long sleeves. 100% Nylon. Size 9/10, seems smaller. Label: Tarni

Cat.No: BL111        Price:   $18.00

Vintage Top

Pink flowered stretch knit with dark pink long net sleeves. 60% Polyester, 40% Nylon. Size: small. Label: Actress

Cat.No: BL112        Price:   $15.00

Vintage Blouse

Red flowered knit with sheer black sleeves. Fabric content unknown. Size: Medium. Label: LOVE amour

Cat.No: BL181        Price:   $18.00

Vintage Top

Black stretch velvet with rock star logo. Fabric content unknown. Size: medium. Label: Girly Girl

Cat.No: BL113        Price:   $15.00

Vintage Knit Top

Pink and purple flowered stretch knit. 100% Nylon. Size: medium. Label: l.e.i.

Cat.No: BL114        Price:   $15.00

Vintage Top

Crushed velvet stretch knit. Perspective multi-colored stripes. 62% polyester, 29% nylon, 9% spandex. Size; medium. Label: Luna Tee

Cat.No: BL131        Price:   $15.00

Vintage Top

Brown flowered stretch knit with V neck and belled sleeves. Fabric content unknown. Size: Medium. Label: glam

Cat.No: BL183        Price:   $18.00

Vintage Blouse

Gray print with kimona style sleeves. Sleeves slit from top of shoulder to almost the bottom. 100% polyester. Size: medium. Label: French Kiss

Cat.No: BL133        Price:   $15.00

Vintage Jacket

Gold with shiny gold thread running through it. Button up V neck front. 65% acetate, 25% metal, 10% lycra. Size: medium. Label: Perry Ellis

Cat.No: BL135        Price:   $25.00

Vintage Top

Purple stretch knit with low scoop back. 90% polyester, 10% spandex. Size: medium. Label: LaBelle

Cat.No: BL137        Price:   $18.00

Vintage Top

Blue stretch knit with embossed design. 100% polyester. Dry Clean. Size: small. Label: Lulca

Cat.No: BL139        Price:   $15.00

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